I needed a year.

it's been a weird day. so i figured i'd write. the past handful of days have been...weird. Clouds, really? you're writing but not really saying anything. explore? good idea. So I found out Friday that I was accepted to an internship program, that I'd be moving, that I'd finally move forward instead of sitting impatiently [...]


highlights, redefining, and resolutions — or a quick reflection on 2014

So I gave in and did one of those Facebook year-in-review things. I held out as long as I could, I really did. It showed some pretty awesome highlights of my year: from starting off with a trip to Boston, visiting with a welcomed face over delicious craft beer in my favorite windy city, hiking adventures [...]


[patience & happy] Patience. i'm learning that i don't have much of it. probably because it feels like i've been practicing it and waiting for the past 10-, maybe 15 years of my life. waiting to leave home (for college, for anywhere). waiting to leave college (for graduate school, for "life"). waiting to finish graduate [...]

5 tips for Prince Charming to ponder ((while he waits for his sense of direction to improve))

5 tips for Prince Charming to ponder ((while he waits for his sense of direction to improve)) Per my deep reflective conversation with my Mexican mother, I came to the realization that my prince charming is lost. …okay, there was very little reflecting and much more direct state. Take a look: Mexican mother: ay mi’ja [...]