Confession #5: I’m actually not scared of commitment…it’s true. really.

Confession #5: I’m actually not scared of commitment…it's true. really. Contrary to popular belief (mostly supported by me), I’m actually not scared of commitment. It’s actually abandonment that scares me shitless. Yup, true story. I can go into the whole insecure attachment-childhood-experiences-teenage-years-and-heartbreak excuses behind it all…but I won’t. it takes too much energy. And, at [...]


Confession #3:– I don’t (think I) believe in “the one”

Confession #3:– I find it difficult to believe in “the one” Here’s my problem: first, to preface this, I just want to say that I know a lot of judgment might come from this. And I’m okay with that. Given the topic and the readers, both known and unknown, I think it’s natural to assume. [...]