I want to share a secret..

I want to share a secret whisper it in your ear put it out into the universe just loud enough for me to hear speak it into existence create it as I say it I want to share a secret to admit to you my hope a dream I might keep dreaming and act to [...]


we ain’t kids no more…

I'm sitting at one of my favorite Starbucks in Miami, staring out the window at the sky. On my left, the sky is covered in ominous clouds that threaten rain and fill me with a tinge of despair. On my right, a bright light blue sky with white streaks of shapeless clouds fills me with [...]

the sound of sunshine

[music and happy] I've been away from this for awhile, distracted by responsibility and stress, cluttered with thoughts and heaviness. Writing is usually always the answer for all of those things...but i couldn't get away long enough to write without feeling guilty. And then, today I did. I spent the hours writing. mostly purging my [...]

“concentrating on falling apart” — or on rebuilding

We're concentrating on falling apart. We were contenders, we're throwing the fight But I just wanna believe..." -- Brand New i should be sleeping. more so than most nights probably. but i'm not. mostly-probably-perhaps because i find myself stuck in that vicious cycle. again. you know, that one that causes me to fight til i'm [...]

“the passion and the pain are going to keep you alive someday” – or silver linings…literally

so, i got to get away. for a bit. 3 and a half days to be exact. just enough. just enough to be re-inspired. justenought to be re-invigorated. just enough to (re)learn some lessons. just enough to realize some truths. just enough to see the silver linings… the trip entailed a 2 1/2 hour flight [...]