I need… // I need you… // I need You.

[peace & happy] Life has thrown some upsets my way over the past few months...hell, it's been coming my way for years now. But, as always, the undeserved blessings seem to always outweigh the (unavoidable?) bullshit, at least enough for me to recognize that someOne is looking out for me. Through a lot of thinking-reflection-prayer-conversations, [...]


“I am not skilled to understand what God has willed” — or the way i grieve

unplanned escape. driving with no end or reason. down a winding road. windows down, allowing the country air to fill my lungs and heart. music up, drowning out anything unnecessary. thoughts and tears coming as they will. unforced. yet uninhibited. this is how i grieve. not your way. and that's okay. ...just wish you could [...]

I can feel it slipping away – or 4 ways I know this is happening and what I plan on doing in order to hold on tightly

I can feel it slipping away – or 4 ways I know this is happening and what I plan on doing in order to hold on tightly Remember that list? You know, the one I made about a week ago? The one about my amazing experience after true disconnection but even truer connection? Well, folks, [...]

8 life lessons learned from a weekend away

8 life lessons learned from a weekend away Story behind this list: this past weekend, I had the amazingly wonderful privilege to spend it growing in my faith, feeding my spirit, and healing my soul…in an unexpectedly exhausting way. I attended my first ACTS retreat followed by being confirmed in my Catholic faith. This post [...]

Confession #9: i think unchurchly things sometimes…while at church.

Confession #9: i think unchurchly things sometimes...while at church. [brief aside: the next few confessions are going to be a bit less...existential. or deep. or whatever. my head and heart can't handle any more insight or unanswered questions at the moment. daily headaches are the reminder of that. and probably more of a reminder that [...]

“forgiveness is the only freedom” — on forgiveness. and freedom. and happy.

i sit here among tea & books & inauguration speeches, reflecting on this past weekend, guided by words of an undoubtedly great man human being mentioned and honored on this day along side another significant individual in our nation's history. There’s something about love that builds up and is creative. There is something about hate [...]