[fragile & happy]   [Quick note: the idea for the posts to follow is to explore traits I (or others) have identified about me and explore how they relate to my happy. The traits probably seem negative if taken at face value. My hunch, before writing reveals anything to me (which may or may not [...]


Thrive…or don’t.

[acceptance & happy]. Alright, so by now you probably know that I'm all about bettering myself/yourself/ourselves. It's kind of my thing. But recently/slash/not-so-recently, I've been thinking about all the effing pressure that accompanies that that brings. "Thrive!" they tell us. And by "they" I pretty much mean everyone. ...alright, obvious exaggeration but seriously. From the [...]

I need… // I need you… // I need You.

[peace & happy] Life has thrown some upsets my way over the past few months...hell, it's been coming my way for years now. But, as always, the undeserved blessings seem to always outweigh the (unavoidable?) bullshit, at least enough for me to recognize that someOne is looking out for me. Through a lot of thinking-reflection-prayer-conversations, [...]

things i’ll never be.

so i've been thinking some lately on things i'll never be. not in the "self-accepting, i ain't got time for that, nor do i want to try and please you" type of way. more in the "self-blame, self-critical, and whatever other negative self- you can think of" sense. comparing myself to others. to what others [...]