candle burning scents of vanilla & inspiration — or my(self) portrait

This is my portrait. how I am perceived. through the eyes of my sister, an undeclared artist. it feels fitting, main elements of life-at-the-moment at play. me, sitting at my makeshift desk. wrapped in my favorite red throw blanket. decorative mod lamp, red laptop, candle burning, scents of vanilla & inspiration surrounding me. writing. i [...]


“I think a minute’s enough…just beam me up” — or on death and grieving

[on sad & happy] Through this continued exploration, I've come to terms with the fact that sometimes my happy has to include some sad. some loss. some grieving. The past year has definitely allowed me the chance to take notice of this, providing me with plenty of unavoidable slap-in-the-face opportunities to reflect. What I've learned (so far) [...]