“living life gets hard to do” – or 525,600 minutes, living, and my limbo

A year. Or 525, 600 if we wanna be dramatic (according to Rent anyway -- i've always been fond of how musicals can make life's struggles seem just a tad less...struggle-y). but anywho, that’s how long I have to wait, whether it's measured in daylights or sunsets or anything else. it's too long to figure [...]


fearlessness and open-hearted visions, beer drinking and free-spirits – or basic motivating forces.

  So here it is. My vicious cycle. Brought to realization over conversation and beer…I’ve learned and accepted that most of my deep thinking happens to occur this way. [And, as I reread my thoughts, I wonder about the vulnerability I’m expressing here. About those who may read it and judge. Or assume. But those [...]

appreciating sad, appreciating happy — or on figuring it out

[on sad & happy] the following thoughts came at about 2am one night when I couldn't sleep. so I did what I know best; I wrote. & realized these words apply to many moments, not just that night. some passed, some present, some to come... I never know what I think about something until I [...]