jack of all trades, master of…some? …yeah, we’ll go with that.

a list of things i would seriously.no.doubt be amazingly awesome at if i devoted my time to one of these instead of attempting all: `a photographer (i've take ansel-adams-esque photographs since i was jovencita. and by ansel-adams-esque, i just mean landscapes and b&w photos; that's as far as the comparison goes...but, i do have prints [...]


“I am not skilled to understand what God has willed” — or the way i grieve

unplanned escape. driving with no end or reason. down a winding road. windows down, allowing the country air to fill my lungs and heart. music up, drowning out anything unnecessary. thoughts and tears coming as they will. unforced. yet uninhibited. this is how i grieve. not your way. and that's okay. ...just wish you could [...]

there’s always music playing in my head — or living deliberately.

i think i've recently learned a few things about the way my mind works. some of these things make me question my sanity. not enough obviously to make any changes at the moment. that would be too logical. instead, just a tad. just enough to maintain that constant thinking and re-thinking i find myself doing. [...]