[words & happy] *inspired by recent discovery of a thought-provoking lyricist from my hometown, not-so-recent spoken word performances that stole my heart and fueled my thoughts. and moments where words are filling my head in a way that hasn't happened in a while. mostly, I thought I'd share where I began, with words in the [...]


who am i, darling, to you?

who am i, darling, to you? who am i, darling, for you? -Ben Howard, Promise [note: you should totally scroll down and play Ben Howard's Promise then come back up and start reading. it's good background music. and a pretty amazing song. ...just a suggestion. okay, carry on, friend.] So I had my supervisor ask [...]

las desobedientes — or lessons learned en mi Mexico

**I stole the title from the book by the same name (Las Desobedientes: Mujeres de Nuestra America). It seemed very fitting. The following are (edited) reflections made in May 2012 upon my return from a brief visit to the Distrito Federal, Mexico. It was part of the requirements for the immersion course that allowed this opportunity so fair warning, it may [...]