5 reasons i know the grinch attempted to steal christmas but failed — or part 2.

[on holidays & happy] I can write now. about the clues that led to my realization that the grinch didn't steal christmas after all. about how Charlie Brown saved my Christmas. & about love and laughter and happy. ((you & I are both going to ignore the fact that we are closer to New Year's [...]


what’s wrong with broken? – or bruised but not broken, not broken just bent

[on love & happy] So sometimes-maybe-perhaps I contradict myself a tad. This usually happens because I tend to overthink, underthink, and, simply, think. Writing is usually present during each of these times. Meaning? Meaning, sometimes there’s proof of my contradictory nature. Wait; let’s add “well-meaning” before that phrase. Try again. Sometimes there’s proof of my [...]

“I am ready just like this…how and who I am” — or perfect in me

[on acceptance & happy] peoples/friends/homies, realtalk: when it comes down to it, I think I only look good on paper. lemme'splain.. I'm kind of amazing when you think about it or, rather, read about it. I mean, professionally speaking, I've accomplished more than others thought I thought I would have. at 25. I'm not a [...]