I want to share a secret..

I want to share a secret whisper it in your ear put it out into the universe just loud enough for me to hear speak it into existence create it as I say it I want to share a secret to admit to you my hope a dream I might keep dreaming and act to [...]


Lost. /things I miss/

Pt 1 (written January 2017) "Isis is persecuting Christians and Catholics all over the world, just like democrats are persecuting us Catholics here in the U.S." -said during Prayer of the Faithful And with that, my spiritual space crumbled beneath me. Or at least it felt that way. I am the first to admit my [...]

there’s always music playing in my head — or living deliberately.

i think i've recently learned a few things about the way my mind works. some of these things make me question my sanity. not enough obviously to make any changes at the moment. that would be too logical. instead, just a tad. just enough to maintain that constant thinking and re-thinking i find myself doing. [...]

i needed a day.

i needed a day. so i took one. and i drove. and drove, thinking, i’ll keep driving til the road ends. eventually, surprisingly it did. part of me had been afraid of finding that place filled with brief memories from a day long ago during the drive. the other part of me hoped for it, [...]

to do: smile at a ladybug

[on luck & happy] A ladybug landed on me today as I was walking the quarter mile up and down the hilly sidewalk to my car after work. It made me think of good luck and my Mexican mother. She's always said ladybugs are good luck. It must be true. It also made me reflect [...]