we ain’t kids no more…

I'm sitting at one of my favorite Starbucks in Miami, staring out the window at the sky. On my left, the sky is covered in ominous clouds that threaten rain and fill me with a tinge of despair. On my right, a bright light blue sky with white streaks of shapeless clouds fills me with [...]


on social justice & personal responsibility.

Most people are on the world, not in it -- John Muir For the past few years, I've preached this whole personal responsibility thing...and I think I may have taken it too far. Let's explore. I guess the recent realization is that maybe I'm reaching too far. ...Clouds, is this a sad-I'm-giving-up-let-the-pessimism-kick-in post? Oh, gosh [...]

the sound of sunshine

[music and happy] I've been away from this for awhile, distracted by responsibility and stress, cluttered with thoughts and heaviness. Writing is usually always the answer for all of those things...but i couldn't get away long enough to write without feeling guilty. And then, today I did. I spent the hours writing. mostly purging my [...]

“God knows I’ve failed but He knows that I’ve tried.”

[failure and happy] "God knows I've failed but He knows that I've tried..." it's true. I've failed. lots. This is pretty much how I've felt lately. And I don't think I'm alone in this. ...but, I've also been thinking that this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Or at least, it doesn't have to be. Life [...]

I need… // I need you… // I need You.

[peace & happy] Life has thrown some upsets my way over the past few months...hell, it's been coming my way for years now. But, as always, the undeserved blessings seem to always outweigh the (unavoidable?) bullshit, at least enough for me to recognize that someOne is looking out for me. Through a lot of thinking-reflection-prayer-conversations, [...]

my funny valentine – or my moment near midnight

*Prompted by the weekly writing challenge, words of wisdom during bikram, and undoubtedly, the unavoidable event happening at the end of the week, this moment came near midnight. [rethinking valentine's day & happy] let's explore. On the heals of facing some of my biggest challenges as my personal and professional intersect collide, I had a [...]

Truth be told, I miss you…truth be told, I’m lying

*this post was written about a month ago, waiting in my drafts for a better moment. today is that better moment.. Truth be told, I miss you...truth be told, I’m lying I think that pretty much sums it up. But, per usj (“usual” minus the –ual; it’s a thing), let’s explore. I’ve recently been thinking [...]