My happy now – or 5 reasons I still believe in my Sunday kind of love

My happy now – or 5 reasons I still believe in my Sunday kind of love "Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of its trouble, attempts what is above its strength, pleads no excuse for impossibility, for it thinks all things are lawful for itself and all things are possible.” Thomas A. Kempis So I’ve [...]


fearlessness and open-hearted visions, beer drinking and free-spirits – or basic motivating forces.

  So here it is. My vicious cycle. Brought to realization over conversation and beer…I’ve learned and accepted that most of my deep thinking happens to occur this way. [And, as I reread my thoughts, I wonder about the vulnerability I’m expressing here. About those who may read it and judge. Or assume. But those [...]

5 reasons i know the grinch attempted to steal christmas but failed — or part 1.

[on relationships & happy] i wasn't going to write today. correction, i had every intention of writing today. not about this though. about something else. about what the title alludes to. about how i figured out the grinch didn't steal christmas after all. about how it came together in it's own way. about how the [...]

fortune cookie insights — or love, actually

[on love & happy] So this was my fortune today. Business. and health. blossoming. Thank you, delicious-fast-food-chinese-restaurant fortune. One more thing to confirm my life's successes are in these two ((and only these two, not three)) areas. could it be possibly-maybe-perhaps because this is where most of my efforts go? wowza. too deep a thought [...]