“can’t blame a guy for trying” — or a windy city welcome

“can’t blame a guy for trying, a lady as beautiful as you.” Sweet. Very humbling. Never expected. But really, how can you tell when a line is just a line leading to an action or when it’s something more, truthful, felt, meant? Context clues, body language, “something” told me it was just a line. Maybe [...]


“forgiveness is the only freedom” — on forgiveness. and freedom. and happy.

i sit here among tea & books & inauguration speeches, reflecting on this past weekend, guided by words of an undoubtedly great man human being mentioned and honored on this day along side another significant individual in our nation's history. There’s something about love that builds up and is creative. There is something about hate [...]

to do: smile at a ladybug

[on luck & happy] A ladybug landed on me today as I was walking the quarter mile up and down the hilly sidewalk to my car after work. It made me think of good luck and my Mexican mother. She's always said ladybugs are good luck. It must be true. It also made me reflect [...]

“the talk” with my Mexican mother — or yup, we’re going there

[on gender & happy] **A few caveats. First, a much needed statement, contextualizing what is to follow. This post is about sex. And sexuality. And Mexican mothers. Yes, folks, we’re going there…as appropriately stated in the title. Also, I described a previous post as being one overflowing with self-disclosure, leaving me quite vulnerable in this [...]