In a different life, today…

In a different life, today... I might be celebrating 10 years with you perhaps still unaware that unhappiness isn't a necessary part of life ...or love assuming that the highs and lows are a personal fault an "I must have done something wrong" mistaken ideal one you never seemed to concern yourself with or seek [...]


Seeing them dance – or city away from the city

Seeing them. Dancing with one another. Family. Friends. Interacting. Happily. Made me want a piece of it. I think I could have it back “home.” But probably only in a dysfunctional sorta way. Honestly, it’s probably all dysfunctional to a certain point most likely. It just works because those around are just as eff’ed up [...]

’tis the season — or things missed

[on nostalgia & happy] there are things i find myself missing ((or at least thinking about missing)), particularly-perhaps-just-maybe because i find myself single during the Christmas season for the first time since my junior year of high school. so i figured 'tis the season to be single...and reflective. things missed: sharing drinks that taste like [...]

Nostalgia — or the promise of new memories

I have never associated nostalgia with happiness. In fact, I associated it with its opposite, sadness. After experiencing this feeling at its fullest, I think my opinion has changed a bit. Nostalgia seemed to bring a continuum of feelings from painful sadness to happy acceptance. I (re)visited a place where part of my heart calls [...]