“Mi gusto es” – or momentary reflection on the awesomeness of randomness

So here’s the scene: I’m driving to work. a little late. as usual. (late in the “I like to be on time so I tell myself that I need to leave by 7:15 so that I actually exit my house and enter my car by 730 so I can make it to work by 7:55” [...]


“living life gets hard to do” – or 525,600 minutes, living, and my limbo

A year. Or 525, 600 if we wanna be dramatic (according to Rent anyway -- i've always been fond of how musicals can make life's struggles seem just a tad less...struggle-y). but anywho, that’s how long I have to wait, whether it's measured in daylights or sunsets or anything else. it's too long to figure [...]

what’s wrong with broken? – or bruised but not broken, not broken just bent

[on love & happy] So sometimes-maybe-perhaps I contradict myself a tad. This usually happens because I tend to overthink, underthink, and, simply, think. Writing is usually present during each of these times. Meaning? Meaning, sometimes there’s proof of my contradictory nature. Wait; let’s add “well-meaning” before that phrase. Try again. Sometimes there’s proof of my [...]