we ain’t kids no more…

I'm sitting at one of my favorite Starbucks in Miami, staring out the window at the sky. On my left, the sky is covered in ominous clouds that threaten rain and fill me with a tinge of despair. On my right, a bright light blue sky with white streaks of shapeless clouds fills me with [...]


Cognitive Dissonance — or, remind me who I am

I've been having this struggle lately (/slash/ not-so-lately) and I was thinking maybe you've been there too. Or maybe you'll be there someday. Or maybe you've seen someone who's been there. Or...whatever, the point is I asked myself, what's the best thing to do when I'm struggling a bit? explore, of course. sooo....shall we? [and [...]

An open letter to friendships faded and friendships lost.

[being over a thousand miles away from both cities that helped build me has left a lot of unconscious space for thinking about the relationships that have faded over the past 10 years or so. I learned that I'm good at fading. In some ways, it's felt safer than tear-filled goodbyes or clear-cut it over. [...]

Infuse your life — or lesson learned in the sunset

3 weeks. That's how long I've been in Miami come tomorrow. so what's it been like, Clouds? shitty, that's what. ...umm are you gonna explore, Clouds, because that's kinda vague...and sad. of course, friend. Let's go. ...actually, before we go, I wanna share a quick side note: it may not seem like it at first, [...]

5 reasons i know the grinch attempted to steal christmas but failed — or part 2.

[on holidays & happy] I can write now. about the clues that led to my realization that the grinch didn't steal christmas after all. about how Charlie Brown saved my Christmas. & about love and laughter and happy. ((you & I are both going to ignore the fact that we are closer to New Year's [...]

fortune cookie insights — or love, actually

[on love & happy] So this was my fortune today. Business. and health. blossoming. Thank you, delicious-fast-food-chinese-restaurant fortune. One more thing to confirm my life's successes are in these two ((and only these two, not three)) areas. could it be possibly-maybe-perhaps because this is where most of my efforts go? wowza. too deep a thought [...]

“you can’t let anyone disturb your peace” — or shutting off the noise

[on peace & happy] I hope this old train breaks down Then I could take a walk around And, see what there is to see And time is just a melody All the people in the street Walk as fast as their feet can take them I just roll through town And though my windows [...]