Selfish…& stubborn.

I think this will be the final post in this series. [If you missed out and are like "Clouds, what you talkin bout? There was a series?" Yes friend, there was. While brief, basically the last handful of posts were looking at traits (semi-negative) and how I /slash/ you /slash/ we can flip those to [...]


Being proud — or, not my father’s reasons.

Well, folks, it finally happened. My dad told me he was proud of me. Clear as day. Mija, I'm proud of you. His reason? Me not being pregnant or having children at this point in my life. Now, I can sit here and write about the machismo-reasonings behind that statement. the actual "i'm proud of [...]

“the talk” with my Mexican mother — or yup, we’re going there

[on gender & happy] **A few caveats. First, a much needed statement, contextualizing what is to follow. This post is about sex. And sexuality. And Mexican mothers. Yes, folks, we’re going there…as appropriately stated in the title. Also, I described a previous post as being one overflowing with self-disclosure, leaving me quite vulnerable in this [...]

las desobedientes — or lessons learned en mi Mexico

**I stole the title from the book by the same name (Las Desobedientes: Mujeres de Nuestra America). It seemed very fitting. The following are (edited) reflections made in May 2012 upon my return from a brief visit to the Distrito Federal, Mexico. It was part of the requirements for the immersion course that allowed this opportunity so fair warning, it may [...]