$50 words on a $5 budget — or, on language

[language & happy] So I started writing about my experience with language a while back. Per usual, this process began on a random notepad and scrap pieces of paper, which have since been misplaced after months of not returning to the topic. Recent reflections, readings, and reactions to conversations brought back those thoughts...though I can't [...]


what’s wrong with broken? – or bruised but not broken, not broken just bent

[on love & happy] So sometimes-maybe-perhaps I contradict myself a tad. This usually happens because I tend to overthink, underthink, and, simply, think. Writing is usually present during each of these times. Meaning? Meaning, sometimes there’s proof of my contradictory nature. Wait; let’s add “well-meaning” before that phrase. Try again. Sometimes there’s proof of my [...]

confession — or an exploration of lonely versus alone through an unneccessary amount of words.

Confession: I actually do not know if I am any closer in my attempting to uncover, master, learn the art of happiness for myself. I think I have been relying on the external to provide that sense of happiness for me. While I do not regret or find any faults with my actions, I am [...]