12 words of wisdom i should’ve probably listened to when i wrote them

12 words of wisdom i should've probably listened to when i wrote them sometimes, when i'm lost for words or inspiration, or just filled with curiosity on the course my life has taken (through my eyes), i reflect back on my words. raw. and present. and honest. i think of how wonderfully i was able [...]


confession — or an exploration of lonely versus alone through an unneccessary amount of words.

Confession: I actually do not know if I am any closer in my attempting to uncover, master, learn the art of happiness for myself. I think I have been relying on the external to provide that sense of happiness for me. While I do not regret or find any faults with my actions, I am [...]

Nostalgia — or the promise of new memories

I have never associated nostalgia with happiness. In fact, I associated it with its opposite, sadness. After experiencing this feeling at its fullest, I think my opinion has changed a bit. Nostalgia seemed to bring a continuum of feelings from painful sadness to happy acceptance. I (re)visited a place where part of my heart calls [...]