love (v.)

[Love and heartbreak and happy] I think I lied to you before. ...not intentionally. I guess I also kind of lied to myself. Nothing major. Well, not major major. It has to do with falling in love. I told you before that I had only been in love three times. The fact is it's been [...]


Confession #5: I’m actually not scared of commitment…it’s true. really.

Confession #5: I’m actually not scared of commitment…it's true. really. Contrary to popular belief (mostly supported by me), I’m actually not scared of commitment. It’s actually abandonment that scares me shitless. Yup, true story. I can go into the whole insecure attachment-childhood-experiences-teenage-years-and-heartbreak excuses behind it all…but I won’t. it takes too much energy. And, at [...]