we ain’t kids no more…

I'm sitting at one of my favorite Starbucks in Miami, staring out the window at the sky. On my left, the sky is covered in ominous clouds that threaten rain and fill me with a tinge of despair. On my right, a bright light blue sky with white streaks of shapeless clouds fills me with [...]


Cognitive Dissonance — or, remind me who I am

I've been having this struggle lately (/slash/ not-so-lately) and I was thinking maybe you've been there too. Or maybe you'll be there someday. Or maybe you've seen someone who's been there. Or...whatever, the point is I asked myself, what's the best thing to do when I'm struggling a bit? explore, of course. sooo....shall we? [and [...]

An open letter to friendships faded and friendships lost.

[being over a thousand miles away from both cities that helped build me has left a lot of unconscious space for thinking about the relationships that have faded over the past 10 years or so. I learned that I'm good at fading. In some ways, it's felt safer than tear-filled goodbyes or clear-cut it over. [...]

Goodbye, Chicago – or on letting go

[letting go & happy] I think it's time to let go. I, like many, have held on to some things that aren't benefiting me or my happy. Mostly, I think it's time to let go of expectations, of what will or could or may never be. I think we'd all be a bit happier if [...]

love (v.)

[Love and heartbreak and happy] I think I lied to you before. ...not intentionally. I guess I also kind of lied to myself. Nothing major. Well, not major major. It has to do with falling in love. I told you before that I had only been in love three times. The fact is it's been [...]

boy meets girl, makes her his wife…but probably not.

oh, i still dream of simple life boy meets girl, makes her his wife but love don't exist when you live like this that much i know, yes i know all these roads steer me wrong but i still drive them all night long -- bruno mars dating your friends is never a good idea, [...]

Confession #10: I need to be a better friend…but maybe we all do

Confession #10: I need to be a better friend…but maybe we all do I’ve always felt this way. About you. And her. And them. And him. Especially him. I could reach out more. Invite out more. Accept invitations more. Call. Damn it, I know I could call. But I don’t. I pray for you. I [...]