I think Parenthood is ruining/enlightening me. Clouds? ...? yeah, yeah, I got it need some exploring, right? yeah. I got you. Let's explore. I've been binge-watching marathoning Parenthood on Netflix. It's a great show about family and relationships. about the ups and the downs. about marriage and divorce and disabilities and addiction... mostly, it's [...]


Why I added Christian music to my playlist– or 3 changes I’ve maintained since my weekend away

Why I added Christian music to my playlist– or 3 changes I’ve maintained since my weekend away After my weekend away, I made some major changes. Among them, I began listening to Christian music. I had an idea why but just a vague one, nothing solid. Until today. And then I realized there were other [...]

Confession #9: i think unchurchly things sometimes…while at church.

Confession #9: i think unchurchly things sometimes...while at church. [brief aside: the next few confessions are going to be a bit less...existential. or deep. or whatever. my head and heart can't handle any more insight or unanswered questions at the moment. daily headaches are the reminder of that. and probably more of a reminder that [...]

Seeing them dance – or city away from the city

Seeing them. Dancing with one another. Family. Friends. Interacting. Happily. Made me want a piece of it. I think I could have it back “home.” But probably only in a dysfunctional sorta way. Honestly, it’s probably all dysfunctional to a certain point most likely. It just works because those around are just as eff’ed up [...]

Being proud — or, not my father’s reasons.

Well, folks, it finally happened. My dad told me he was proud of me. Clear as day. Mija, I'm proud of you. His reason? Me not being pregnant or having children at this point in my life. Now, I can sit here and write about the machismo-reasonings behind that statement. the actual "i'm proud of [...]

learning italian, facebook, & guitar lessons in 2013 — or on doing instead of resolving

In place of wishing and hoping and resolving that certain things happen in 2013, I decided to do things a little differently this time around. switching things up for the sake of my happy if you will. It feels like all this past year (and all the years past) I would hope for certain things [...]

5 reasons i know the grinch stole christmas

[on holiday & happy] The grinch did away with the holiday spirit. and i kinda like it. How I did I come to this oh-so-sound conclusion, you ask? Well... 5. in place of tons of wrapped presents under the tree, there are some wrapped presents...mostly from me. 4. no christmas dresses or button-up shirts. no [...]