On hypocrisy.

So one of the (many, many, many) take-aways from recent (and not-so-recent) national events was that I need to write. So I will. This won't be me writing about the fear and grief and despondency I've experienced over the past year*, emotions that seemed to spill over late Tuesday near midnight as I woke up [...]



[fragile & happy]   [Quick note: the idea for the posts to follow is to explore traits I (or others) have identified about me and explore how they relate to my happy. The traits probably seem negative if taken at face value. My hunch, before writing reveals anything to me (which may or may not [...]

Fill your own cup…or maybe don’t.

[community & happy] Fill your own cup. I think that's my wish for you. and me... But then again, I'm not completely sure about that entirely. Let's explore...because at this point, we both know that writing might help me figure out what i mean. Thanks in advance for sticking with me while I do some [...]

Swimming against the current — or the problem with feeling

The problem with feeling is that once you start, you feel it all. You can’t pick and choose once you allow emotion to enter your being. The love. The hurt. The regret, acceptance, shame, pain, pride, warmth. *warning of major self-disclosure ahead. if you would like to keep your idea of me as a happy-go-lucky, [...]