“I am not skilled to understand what God has willed” — or the way i grieve

unplanned escape. driving with no end or reason. down a winding road. windows down, allowing the country air to fill my lungs and heart. music up, drowning out anything unnecessary. thoughts and tears coming as they will. unforced. yet uninhibited. this is how i grieve. not your way. and that's okay. ...just wish you could [...]


10 reasons I’m awesome

10 reasons I’m awesome I’m tired of confessing. it started to make me think too much. and question too much. mostly, question myself. So, I’m stopping. Still confessing and reflecting. but again, more privately. Anyways-also-probably, I think 10 is a good number to end on. Sooo I figured some lists of reasons-and-things-and-whatever-i-feel-like-making-lists-about were in order. [...]

Confession #1: being stuck in traffic heals me

The posts to follow (if all goes as planned...which it usually doesn’t so we’ll see how well this works. or for how long it works, which tends to more accurately be the case and story of my life). Where was I? Oh yes, the posts to follow are random confessions. Shorter than these. Just snippets [...]

i needed a day.

i needed a day. so i took one. and i drove. and drove, thinking, i’ll keep driving til the road ends. eventually, surprisingly it did. part of me had been afraid of finding that place filled with brief memories from a day long ago during the drive. the other part of me hoped for it, [...]