I take dating advice from a 21-year-old.

I take dating advice from a 21-year-old who's never been in a committed relationship. It's true. My sister is 21, hasn't been in a committed relationship, and is the person I go to for dating advice. & I'm learning it might actually be a good things. Here's why: Maybe it's because she isn't jaded by [...]


boy meets girl, makes her his wife…but probably not.

oh, i still dream of simple life boy meets girl, makes her his wife but love don't exist when you live like this that much i know, yes i know all these roads steer me wrong but i still drive them all night long -- bruno mars dating your friends is never a good idea, [...]

i cut my hair for the douchebags (hashtag) superficialworldproblems

truth: i cut my hair for the douchebags. let's explore, shall we? (per usual, this is rhetorical. it's near midnight. and i'm awake so i'm def going to explore. though i shouldn't be. because my eyes feel heavy as i write. but i know as soon as a lay down, the thoughts and restlessness of [...]

i wish you’d fight for me, explosions in the sky expands my heart, and other random thoughts

the following are random thoughts currently occupying the limited space in my mind, and things i'd like to write about later but shouldn't/can't/won't given the required writing that's past due (i shouldn't even be writing this at the moment seeing as i'm doing this instead of making most of my time by continuing my literature [...]

“I am woman; hear me” — or sexist musings

I feel like I should put a warning label for explicit content like they do on a Lil Wayne CD or something. How does that go? Warning: the following may be inappropriate for children under 17….wait, I think that line is used for films or television shows…you get the point though. Fair warning. Apologies in [...]

let’s not mention everything i dabble in — or woe is me, just this once.

I’ve wanted to write about why I think I may just end up an old spinster. About how I get asked why I’m single and don’t provide an answer even though I have a hunch. About how people, guys, call me beautiful. About how I’m not even sure what that means exactly, how I don’t [...]

“eff off,” microexpressions, & the (supposed) real reason I’m single.

  So I learned recently about this idea of microexpressions. You know, the whole-Lie-to-Me-I-can-find-out-if-you’re-being-deceitful-hey-you-twitched-I-caught-you! stuff. But in a slightly more systemic & backed by pretty cool research sorta way. Anyway, one of the perks about what i do is learning about cool stuff like this. I have always been one to people-watch/stare/intrude/whatever-you-wanna-call-it-but-I’m-sticking-with-people-watching-because-it-sounds-less-stalkerish. I notice people’s [...]