Confession #5: I’m actually not scared of commitment…it’s true. really.

Confession #5: I’m actually not scared of commitment…it's true. really. Contrary to popular belief (mostly supported by me), I’m actually not scared of commitment. It’s actually abandonment that scares me shitless. Yup, true story. I can go into the whole insecure attachment-childhood-experiences-teenage-years-and-heartbreak excuses behind it all…but I won’t. it takes too much energy. And, at [...]


Confession #2: boys make me fat

Confession #2: boys make me fat It’s true. Partially. Okay, not really. There's a lot of personal responsibility I'm leaving out. Let me elaborate. I’ve written before about how the good part of the vicious cycle is being completely comfortable with another and engaging in enjoyable activities such as food and drinking alcoholic beverages (mostly [...]


Dear friends-acquaintances-folks from the interweb, I have a few (very honest) confessions to share. I, as explained below, do this cautiously, hoping to spur thoughts but not judgments. So, here they are: I find that, sometimes, I am a crappy daughter, sister, friend person. I’ve learned that while others run toward their family, given that [...]