135-40-125-130 — or on numbers

[numbers & happy] real talk: I've attempted to write this post quite a few times. I actually thought I had started it a few times but when I went to my drafts folder, all that there was was the title and blank space. Thinking about it vaguely, it's been attempted 5 times over the past [...]


Goodbye, Chicago – or on letting go

[letting go & happy] I think it's time to let go. I, like many, have held on to some things that aren't benefiting me or my happy. Mostly, I think it's time to let go of expectations, of what will or could or may never be. I think we'd all be a bit happier if [...]

i’m sexy and i know it — or not exactly, but i’ll take biutiful

okay, not exactly. but sorta exactly. [sides notes: the following writing is a bit...poetic. filled with lots of fluffy words and honest emotions and unexpected vulnerability. so be kind as you read. also, i should really be sleeping. or writing one of a million things that may-possibly-actually determine my future un poquito. but that can [...]

Researchers say that the brain isn’t completely developed until after the age of 25 –- or, that’s the excuse i’m sticking with

It’s true, folks. Science and research and all that good stuff have shown that the brain (typically) isn’t fully developed until 25. *I say typically because I think we all know someone who challenges that notion just a tad and makes you ask the question  “and you’re how old??” more often than not. fun fact: [...]

things i’ll never be.

so i've been thinking some lately on things i'll never be. not in the "self-accepting, i ain't got time for that, nor do i want to try and please you" type of way. more in the "self-blame, self-critical, and whatever other negative self- you can think of" sense. comparing myself to others. to what others [...]

I should come with a warning label — or love me at my worst

I should come with a warning label -- or love me at my worst you've seen them. warning labels. prompting/preparing you for possible disaster or harm. "highly flammable." "combustible." “do not leave in direct sunlight....OR ELSE!" ...okay, i added that last part in for dramatic effect but you get the idea. i think i should [...]

“you look better with the lights off” — or the naked truth

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way. Girl you look better with the lights off." Sorry Mr. Breezy & New Boyz, I think most would take it the wrong way. kindasortalike when you say "no offense buuut...," the statement tends to indeed bring offense, despite your polite preface. But let's purposefully overlook the [...]