comparison…or inspiration?

So I recently figured out another of my ((many?)) problems: my comparison group consists of women over 50, on their second marriage, and with more life experience than a 20-something should pressure herself to have. I also recently realized one truth: I am that 20-something. “Happiness is not an absolute value. It is a state [...]


i’m sexy and i know it — or not exactly, but i’ll take biutiful

okay, not exactly. but sorta exactly. [sides notes: the following writing is a bit...poetic. filled with lots of fluffy words and honest emotions and unexpected vulnerability. so be kind as you read. also, i should really be sleeping. or writing one of a million things that may-possibly-actually determine my future un poquito. but that can [...]

that’ll never be me — or surrendering to discomfort.

I’m sitting in a local coffee shop. Finally found one that isn’t Starbucks so my heart flutters a little as it reminds me of my time in Austin. Anyway, I’m sitting here having just finished an early morning yoga session, done out of necessity and randomness and sleepy decisions. I walk out to my car [...]