I want to share a secret..

I want to share a secret whisper it in your ear put it out into the universe just loud enough for me to hear speak it into existence create it as I say it I want to share a secret to admit to you my hope a dream I might keep dreaming and act to [...]


I am not my hair.

[hair & happy] So I've been having this struggle with beauty lately. I've done a few things about it. I wrote about Numbers. I've been attempting to attempt the whole eating-healthy-working-out-not-overdoing-it thing ((again)). So far so good with that. But I'm still struggling. I also read this article on beauty and the most powerful decision [...]

i’m sexy and i know it — or not exactly, but i’ll take biutiful

okay, not exactly. but sorta exactly. [sides notes: the following writing is a bit...poetic. filled with lots of fluffy words and honest emotions and unexpected vulnerability. so be kind as you read. also, i should really be sleeping. or writing one of a million things that may-possibly-actually determine my future un poquito. but that can [...]

i cut my hair for the douchebags (hashtag) superficialworldproblems

truth: i cut my hair for the douchebags. let's explore, shall we? (per usual, this is rhetorical. it's near midnight. and i'm awake so i'm def going to explore. though i shouldn't be. because my eyes feel heavy as i write. but i know as soon as a lay down, the thoughts and restlessness of [...]

that’ll never be me — or surrendering to discomfort.

I’m sitting in a local coffee shop. Finally found one that isn’t Starbucks so my heart flutters a little as it reminds me of my time in Austin. Anyway, I’m sitting here having just finished an early morning yoga session, done out of necessity and randomness and sleepy decisions. I walk out to my car [...]