“Love will come set me free” — or, banking on Karma.

I feel like now would be a fantastic time to cash in all the good juju saved in my karma bank. Ever feel that way? exploring, Clouds? of course. let's go. So I'm at the beginning of a hectic few months. at a glance (because that's all i can muster at this moment without becoming [...]


A note, to Clouds, on balance.

Dear Clouds, I'm sorry to tell you this but balance is bullshit. *read this article. it's full of slap you in your face truth -- which i think is some of the best kind of truth there is. like this one: More than 50 years ago, the United States was roiled by the feminist and [...]

Swimming against the current — or the problem with feeling

The problem with feeling is that once you start, you feel it all. You can’t pick and choose once you allow emotion to enter your being. The love. The hurt. The regret, acceptance, shame, pain, pride, warmth. *warning of major self-disclosure ahead. if you would like to keep your idea of me as a happy-go-lucky, [...]

i’m sexy and i know it — or not exactly, but i’ll take biutiful

okay, not exactly. but sorta exactly. [sides notes: the following writing is a bit...poetic. filled with lots of fluffy words and honest emotions and unexpected vulnerability. so be kind as you read. also, i should really be sleeping. or writing one of a million things that may-possibly-actually determine my future un poquito. but that can [...]

4 reasons/ways I’m detoxing my life

4 reasons/ways I’m detoxing my life I started feel unfilled with my faith/I’m going on my first church retreat I’ve always been a faith-filled and spiritual person. through my choice. I’ve sought ways to grow in my faith. independently of others, of support, or expectations. I've actively looked for ways to grow in my faith. [...]

Confession #2: boys make me fat

Confession #2: boys make me fat It’s true. Partially. Okay, not really. There's a lot of personal responsibility I'm leaving out. Let me elaborate. I’ve written before about how the good part of the vicious cycle is being completely comfortable with another and engaging in enjoyable activities such as food and drinking alcoholic beverages (mostly [...]