Infuse your life — or lesson learned in the sunset

3 weeks. That's how long I've been in Miami come tomorrow. so what's it been like, Clouds? shitty, that's what. ...umm are you gonna explore, Clouds, because that's kinda vague...and sad. of course, friend. Let's go. ...actually, before we go, I wanna share a quick side note: it may not seem like it at first, [...]



[bitterness & happy] It's been a minute so a quick reminder about my intention behind this latest set of posts (latest as in "I've actually only posted one in the set due to busy schedule, overwork, stress, and general overwhelm" latest). So yes, this latest set is meant to reflect on (negative?) traits imposed upon [...]


[fragile & happy]   [Quick note: the idea for the posts to follow is to explore traits I (or others) have identified about me and explore how they relate to my happy. The traits probably seem negative if taken at face value. My hunch, before writing reveals anything to me (which may or may not [...]

“sunday kind of love”

(.scattered thoughts on love and happiness..but they all really do tie together.) All I Want Is You by Barry Louis Polisar Realization (and by "realization" I mean "hit you in the face, white flags waving" realization): the wrong kind of love is worse than no love at all and will not bring you closer to [...]