Infuse your life — or lesson learned in the sunset

3 weeks. That's how long I've been in Miami come tomorrow. so what's it been like, Clouds? shitty, that's what. ...umm are you gonna explore, Clouds, because that's kinda vague...and sad. of course, friend. Let's go. ...actually, before we go, I wanna share a quick side note: it may not seem like it at first, [...]


appreciating sad, appreciating happy — or on figuring it out

[on sad & happy] the following thoughts came at about 2am one night when I couldn't sleep. so I did what I know best; I wrote. & realized these words apply to many moments, not just that night. some passed, some present, some to come... I never know what I think about something until I [...]

to do: smile at a ladybug

[on luck & happy] A ladybug landed on me today as I was walking the quarter mile up and down the hilly sidewalk to my car after work. It made me think of good luck and my Mexican mother. She's always said ladybugs are good luck. It must be true. It also made me reflect [...]

25 (on 25)

[on lessons & happy] So I've been 25 for a little over a week now. In that time, I've made a lot of discoveries about life. and love. and happiness. For those of you thinking, "how can you possibly learn those things in a week?? Over exaggerate much about life learnings ma'am?" Well people-friends, I [...]