About the list — or Bucket list happy.

The following idea came to me while reflecting on what things I wanted to accomplish during the month: What if happy has to do with checking things off of your bucket list?

So here it is. granted, this list is ever-growing and will be continuously changing ((hopefully)) but I think it’s a good start. Part of this list was started when I was 17, found in a journal not long ago.

Anywho…here it is:

  • Bungee jump
  • run a mile under 9 min [it happened folks. 8:46. done.]
  • Zipline
  • Scuba dive
  • karaoke took some liquid courage but it’s nice to know I sound just as (halfway) decent singing It’s your love by Faith & Tim as I do rapping Eminem’s 8 mile:)
  • Run:
    `a 5k
    `a half marathon
    `a marathon
  • Bike:
    `metric century ride
    [5-10-14: 64 miles peoplefriends. In the Texas hill country. …never. again. …okay, probably not never but my legs are still hurting so I should ease off a lil before my next one]
  • `century ride
  • learn to play guitar
  • play the intro song from Desperado (you know the one w Antonio Banderas where he was an attractive Mexicano who played guitar, sang, and shot guns…excuse me while I swoon..)
  • Go to Italy
  • Skydive [twice homies. be jealous]
  • Ride on an airplane [coincidentally, this occurred the same day I went skydiving..yup, I’m kinda cool like that]
  • waterski
  • Go to New York  [with mi mejor amiga so it made it even more amazing]
  • Go on an actual pick-me-up-bring-me-a-flower-preferably-something-sunshiny-in-place-of-a-rose-dinner-and-a-movie-or-something-more-creative-drop-me-off-at-my-door-when-the-night-is-over date [pretty amazing night, walk-to-the-door-goodnight-kiss & all…didn’t happen til I was 25 but really wouldn’t have it any other way]
  • viva las vegas
  • watch a movie solo (gotta say, this was pretty awesome…mostly bc I added my favorite thing in the world while doing it –> sneaking in a green tea latte; i’m a rebel, what can i say)
  • learn to swim
  • try vegetarianism…even if for a week [did it for a week. i must say, i liked it. difficult to try with my mexican mother and mexican father judging but i’m doing it again soon. for longer.] [update: i actually tried it again and did it for 40 days. again, awesomeness. i think i’m going to start up again soon; veggie burger is calling my name]
  • go on a blind date
  • Get published in a scientific journal officially published in a psych journal..yay, me 🙂
  • boat party!…or go on a boat for longer than 30min
  • write a book
  • live alone
  • Visit an island [Puerto Rico, papi!]
  • see the following artists live:
    • Tim McGraw San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo! i think i wanna date a cowboy now 🙂
    • Faith Hill
    • Vicente Fernandez
    • Pink
    • Common [seriously, it was amazing. I was in my hometown/his hometown ((shout out Chi city)). I was soo close I could touch him…& I just might have. don’t judge. ]
    • John Legend
    • Shakira
    • Usher
    • the list will definitely grow amigos & amigas..
  • to be cont’d…

you should seriously consider potentially probably convincing yourself to send me your ideas on items to add to my list, your ideas on bucket list happy, or ways for me to accomplish mine:)


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