I want to share a secret..

I want to share a secret
whisper it in your ear
put it out into the universe
just loud enough for me to hear
speak it into existence
create it as I say it

I want to share a secret
to admit to you my hope
a dream I might keep dreaming
and act to stay on course

It’s about the way I see the sunshine
the way I feel the earth
about my experience as I’m walking
about my relationship with words

I want to share a secret
bear my idealistic soul
hope that you understand
my connection with the world

it’s sort of about balance
about always finding truth
respecting the uniqueness of people
and believing in the good

I want to share my secret
that this is how I live
I see beauty in the clouds
I see beauty in everything
…except only sometimes in myself
I can’t help but carry pain and hurt
though some scars are filled with gold
and I heal things with words

I feel it all or I feel it none
and though thoughts may go untold
I promise to be faithful and I promise to be kind
as we see how life unfolds



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