highlights, redefining, and resolutions — or a quick reflection on 2014

So I gave in and did one of those Facebook year-in-review things. I held out as long as I could, I really did. It showed some pretty awesome highlights of my year: from starting off with a trip to Boston, visiting with a welcomed face over delicious craft beer in my favorite windy city, hiking adventures [...]



[forgettable & happy]   not memorable. unremarkable. wallflower. quiet. shy. introverted. introspective.   however, it's been said, it's. been. said. countless times. I'm not saying the above are all synonymous with each other. but in a way, they sort of kind of are, at least in the sense that they seem to characterize (judge?) people [...]


[bitterness & happy] It's been a minute so a quick reminder about my intention behind this latest set of posts (latest as in "I've actually only posted one in the set due to busy schedule, overwork, stress, and general overwhelm" latest). So yes, this latest set is meant to reflect on (negative?) traits imposed upon [...]