Thrive…or don’t.

[acceptance & happy].

Alright, so by now you probably know that I’m all about bettering myself/yourself/ourselves. It’s kind of my thing. But recently/slash/not-so-recently, I’ve been thinking about all the effing pressure that accompanies that that brings.

“Thrive!” they tell us. And by “they” I pretty much mean everyone. …alright, obvious exaggeration but seriously. From the positive psychology blogs to blogs in general, to Christian songs, successful CEOs out there attempting to share their secrets to success and how they made it. Hell, I’m included in this given my frequent attempts at betterment and sharing it with you. I am in no way slamming any of these things. You should read some of these articles (I recommend them for people needing words of wisdom from others), click here and listen to this song (it’s a good one with a good message), and check her out too (I’m pretty sure I’m reading her book soon).

I think I’ve simply come to a place recently/slash/not-so-recently where I’m finding that I’m kinda sorta pretty exhausted at times. Not of life in general or of anything in particular. Simply, I’m exhausted of the constant attempts at better. I am in no way saying I’m through with that journey (trust me, I’ll probably resume said journey by the time you finish reading this). All I’m saying is that maybe, just maybe there are times when I should simply just be. No attempts at improvement or resolution or reflection. Just let myself be. Allowing myself to sit in the shitty moments, recognizing that they won’t last forever, but not rushing to get myself out of them. Allowing myself to acknowledge my flaws, recognizing the beauty in them and potential for growth, and not making excuses or being ashamed of them. I’ve learned that it can be quite exhausting to constantly be fighting against yourself or others. I’ve learned that we all need a break sometimes.

I’ve talked about the necessity of putting in the work if you want the change. And I still believe that to the fullest. I guess maybe I’m just recognizing that sometimes we simply need to be content with the progress we’ve made. To accept what is. To accept ourselves in our currently-flawed-but-perfect states. To take a much-needed break from that. That maybe those moments are the times we can should let ourselves be lifted by others, letting them do the work we are so used to doing on our own.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me…
But really though, thrive…or don’t. because you’re still amazing. as you are.


perfectly flawed.


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