[words & happy]

in love.

*inspired by recent discovery of a thought-provoking lyricist from my hometown, not-so-recent spoken word performances that stole my heart and fueled my thoughts. and moments where words are filling my head in a way that hasn’t happened in a while. mostly, I thought I’d share where I began, with words in the form of poetry. Enjoy.


where I started
long ago
Just a kid
whose only wish
was to rid
all the hurt
and the pain
that they felt
day by day
unable to say
the words
that I felt
I wrote.
Now back
to my roots I’ll go.

spoke of
young love, dumb love
told stories
of pain misunderstood,
of shame, misplaced
not traced
to their roots,
of the love
and the light
that I sought,
that I fought
…perhaps back
to those roots I’ll go

These roots
supported me,
helped flourish me.
They nourished me.
They soothed
my soul,
defined my role,
helped me grow.
So, back
to those roots I go.




*extra inspiration:



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