Can You use me as I am?

“Can You take me by the hand?
Can You use me as I am?” – Aaron Shust

I’ve been thinking lately that this whole “let me better myself” thing might interfere with my happy if not done right balanced.

Let’s explore.

I still believe wholeheartedly that we/I should always strive to be a better being. We cannot make this world a better place if we simply rely on or hope for others to change. Doesn’t work that way. At the end of the day, the only person you have control over is you. …and even that doesn’t always come without its difficulties. So yes, do better, be better, and all that jazz. It’s good stuff.

Buuut at the moment, while I continue to strive for better, I want to be used as I am. I want to be taken with all my imperfections, with all my flaws, with all those jagged pieces that we have as a result of living life.

I think that that’s where the balance lays. between the push-and-pull that is living and failing and re-attempting, and the stillness of the moment; in the acceptance of the perfection of imperfection.

So yes, I recognize that I will be a better being, little by little, moment by moment. I’ll get there.
But I also recognize that I am also perfect now, able to be used as I am to do good, create change, help and heal, if not others, then at least most definitely myself.

And that is pretty wonderful.

We will rise and we will fall
But you remain after all
You’re glorious and beautiful
You’re beautiful.

So, while striving to be more _____ (insert one of the millions of thoughts you’ve had on how you could be better at one point or another), I think it is equally important, if not more so, to accept that where you are is pretty amazing already. I challenge you ((and myself, mostly bc the whole practice what you preach thing is kinda on point and I shouldn’t ask you to do anything I’m not willing to attempt)), I challenge us to acknowledge one amazing thing about ourselves for every thought of dissatisfaction that comes up. Personally, considering the millions of things that run through my head at any given moment, I’m tempted to assume the extreme difficulty that lies ahead for me with this task. There’s that saying that good things don’t come easy. I’m starting to think that maybe they do, we just have a way of making them complicated. So, let’s not.



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