love (v.)

[Love and heartbreak and happy] I think I lied to you before. ...not intentionally. I guess I also kind of lied to myself. Nothing major. Well, not major major. It has to do with falling in love. I told you before that I had only been in love three times. The fact is it's been [...]



[soul(mates) & happy] I never believed in soul mates. Or at least not in the stereotypical sense of the term. You know, the "romantic, true love, meant to be united, destined and fated and together forever" sense. ...I still don't believe in that. But I do believe in soul(mates). Let's explore. I started thinking about [...]


[vulnerability & happy] So I've been trying to figure out why it's hard for me to write recently, why there are a couple of (completed) drafts in my folder, ready to be published...but not. I think it's because I still feel naked., not like that. Let's explore. I went on another weekend away. This [...]

who am i, darling, to you?

who am i, darling, to you? who am i, darling, for you? -Ben Howard, Promise [note: you should totally scroll down and play Ben Howard's Promise then come back up and start reading. it's good background music. and a pretty amazing song. ...just a suggestion. okay, carry on, friend.] So I had my supervisor ask [...]