Conversation in the Clouds.

Current goings on in my head are annoying. The back and forth is getting tiring...and old. This may be more of a venting post but I think there's some good thoughts for all of us to ponder toward the end so sticking through the crazyness if you can may be worth. Per uge (or as [...]


I take dating advice from a 21-year-old.

I take dating advice from a 21-year-old who's never been in a committed relationship. It's true. My sister is 21, hasn't been in a committed relationship, and is the person I go to for dating advice. & I'm learning it might actually be a good things. Here's why: Maybe it's because she isn't jaded by [...]

Young…but I’m not that bold.

i know, i know, it's been awhile since i've written. i'll tell you about that later. but first, here's my problem: I want to change the world. ...seriously. I want to make a difference, a global impact...or at least a local one. I want to change lives. I guess that in and of itself is [...]