The life you built – or Keeping up with the Jones’…sort of.

So the daily post prompt intrigued me more than most yesterday, probably because it fit with what has been lingering in my mind as of late. It read simply: Keeping up with the Jones’.

The writing topic suggested writing about a luxury item you wish you could afford, hence keeping up with the Jones’. For me, I think the Joneses are my luxury item. Let’s explore.

Regardless of what my many, many pairs of shoes and 3+ dressers full of clothes may suggest, I’m not one for material things. I’m working on downsizing unnecessariness buuut it’s kindaofa process that’s taking me some time. Trust me, I’m working on it. Aaanyway, i say this because there’s not a luxury item I’m dying to have per se. i’m not looking for riches, a mansion, or “a perfect life and family” surrounding by things. student loans and career choice will guarantee that doesn’t happen, which i’m fine with. rather, I want the Joneses. No, not the actual Joneses (although I really have no idea who they are but I’m sure they’re nice enough people who aren’t as fake and materialistic as we make them out to be). I want the idea of the Joneses. You know, a family, a supportive partner, 2.5 well-behaved children, a mortgage with a white picket fence included in the fine print, a couple of dogs, maybe some fish. Or perhaps none of that; maybe just a supportive partner, an adopted child, a dog. or maybe something else. But something that said supportive partner and I build together.

But here’s the thing I’m learning, the thing that makes getting that a tad dificil, the thing that makes it my luxury item that I may never get: everybody has their own version of the Jones’ that they’re seeking. It’s hard to find someone to build a life with when they’ve already built one, no?

As I’m getting older, it’s getting harder. To find someone, I mean. I’m not blaming it on my age completely. I know I’m only 20-something and the best years are ahead of me and yadda yadda yadda. I’m not rushing for marriage at the moment. Grad school, 3 part time jobs, self-care, and the family drama that accompanies living in a Mexican household keep me a little too busy to socialize properly or put effort into making myself presentable enough to even attract a suitor (but that’s obviously for a different post). It’s the thought that people are building their idea of the Jones’ which may or may not clash with my idea that bugs me a bit.

People, naturally I suppose, begin to form ideas of what they want during their 20s and 30s, what they’re seeking or hoping to have. And they work toward that. Seems logical, no? That’s what I’m doing. Working toward my idea of a future that is mostly fueled by my desire to help others, seeking education and training to accomplish that goal. Finding ways to better myself in hopes that I can do that on a larger scale someday.

Others are doing that too. Getting degrees. Moving up in their position. Looking to make their mark on the world. okay, not everyone is doing that. Some are complacent with what they have and where they are, building their life based on their own idea that includes their own version of a mortgage and white picket fence. Therein lies my beef.

Some people /slash/ potential suitors /slash/ possible-supportive-partners-that-fit-into-my-luxury-item have their life already built and perhaps are simply waiting on someone to fit into it. They’ve got the house bought, mortgage payments set on autopay, 2.5 kids’ names picked out, future planned, ready for the Mrs. to slip right in and complete the picture.

I don’t want that.

I don’t want to fit into the life you built. I want to build one together. I’m actually not too pick on what that life looks. Big city or small town or country living. Biological children or adopted. dogs…or dogs (this one I’m kindasorta set on). I just want a mutually built life, with disagreements and compromise and all.

So no, I don’t want to fit into the life you built. I want to build one together.

That’s my luxury item. Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford it.

What’s your luxury item?


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