I be workin’ on my ishhh — or, where i’ve been

Iggy Azalea inspires me to ((want to)) stay up all night and work on my shit.

while she’s probably talking about hustling, grinding, and more explicit activities as portrayed in the video (instead of more sheltered activities like writing or reading or professional development), it’s still motivating.

Unfortunately, there’s too much ish to even attempt staying up all night and working on it. Plus, my 12-14 hour days kinda.sorta.really require energy and attention so going sans-sleep would probably result in unethical actions and poor decision so yeah, let’s not.

so where have i been???

good question.

simple answer: busy with things that will basically will determine my future + other activities that are keeping me from losing my mind and slipping into very bad decision-making that would undoubtedly occur if these things were not in place.

extended answer: i am about a week or so away from completing the first part of the insane crazyness that is the internship applications process (translation: i’m about a week or so away from resuming life and social interaction). [side note: here is a link to a 110-page pdf on how to successfully match or secure an internship. 100. and. ten. pages. fo’ reals. you thought i was kidding when i said crazy.] aaanywho, once this first part is over, my hope is to pick back up with all the things i’ve been missing and those which lead me to a more balanced life…like sharing my writing with all of you kind souls.

soooo, while i’ve barely been able to find time for necessary activities like sleeping and breathing, thanks to Miss Azalea, I found a little extra energy to start a lot of other things. again, i’ll use time and energy  as excuses for not actually finishing any of the things i’ve hoped for, but whatevs, i’m okay with the effort.

so here, in the form of titles that are as creative as my energy allows at the moment, are writings i’ve been working on, currently found on scraps of paper and random word docs:

  • my comparison group consists of women over 50, on their second marriage, & with more life experiences than a 20-something should pressure herself to have
  • old, but i’m not that old; young, but i’m not that bold — or, I wanna be bold
  • topless…well, sorta
  • being congruent — or, the catch-22 or realizing your truths
  • how exhaustion kinda saves my life — or, decreasing bad decisions
  • attention deficit and dating…or not
  • alcohol: a history lesson
  • truth be told, i miss you…truth be told, i’m lying
  • guilt trip, my favorite type of vacation

…basically, i’ll share lots soon. promise. partially because i’d like to share in hopes that you’ll find something helpful in my sharing. mostly-partially, because writing heals me and i’m in definite need of some healing right about now.


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