The life you built – or Keeping up with the Jones’…sort of.

So the daily post prompt intrigued me more than most yesterday, probably because it fit with what has been lingering in my mind as of late. It read simply: Keeping up with the Jones’. The writing topic suggested writing about a luxury item you wish you could afford, hence keeping up with the Jones’. For [...]


Go out and get busy. — or as i am…in this moment.

"If you want to conquer fear, don't sit at home and think about it. GO out and get busy." Dale Carnegie i miss being motivated. i miss working out every day. i miss eating healthy.  i miss praying daily. i miss dancing. i miss enjoying football or watching movies or reading. i miss being able [...]

I be workin’ on my ishhh — or, where i’ve been

Iggy Azalea inspires me to ((want to)) stay up all night and work on my shit. while she's probably talking about hustling, grinding, and more explicit activities as portrayed in the video (instead of more sheltered activities like writing or reading or professional development), it's still motivating. Unfortunately, there's too much ish to even attempt [...]