sing me a song and i might just fall in love

Prince Charming is gonna have it pretty easy whenever he comes around.

backstory: i’ve never been fond of people complaining about someone not doing something they want (in the intimate relationship sense), like saying, “oh my gosh! why doesn’t he just get it/do it/[insert any other statement that suggests mind reading is an actual thing]!!!” …umm well maybe because he actually has no idea that that’s what you want! …sorry, frustration seeping through. but seriously, i’ll never understand why open communication isn’t more of a thing, more a part of people’s everyday life like happy hour or road rage.

basically, i believe that actually speaking to someone and letting them know what you need/want/would like is more likely to get you that “thing” than not saying anything at all and hoping they pick up on it. just sayin’. or i’m not just sayin’; i’m telling you this in hopes that it does become more of a thing…outside of happy hour, which actually seems to encourage honesty [probably more of a liquid courage thing and lack of inhibition than actual open communication skills buuut i’ll take what i can get at this point, folks].

aaaanyway, back to Mr. Charming. I’m sharing more tidbits that may be helpful if he ever comes around. trying to help a brother out because, honestly, i can be a handful /slash/ hard to get ((bc i, much like the person i complained about above, am not good at communicating that i’m actually not a handful and am content with the simple things like love and happy. ignore the hypocrisy people-friends. ooor don’t and hold me accountable. either way, i’m working on it). okay but really, also, i just wanted to share how music is amazing and can serve as the basis for amazing connection. amazing. give me someone who sings me a song and i’m pretty much theirs. ..okay, that’s exaggerating a bit but not much. songs can express countless thoughts and emotions and hopes and promises in an average of 4 minutes [for reals, i googled that shit so it must be true]. so yes, Mr. Charming, sing me a (meaningful) song and i might just fall in love with you. add in a guitar or piano or other musical instrument and you’ll definitely improve those chances.

sing one of these and it’s pretty much a guarantee:

1. All of Me — John Legend
i am in looove with this song. it’ll be my wedding song if i ever get married. or just a song i listen to that helps me remember love still exists, is still present in this crazy world despite disappointments and hate and sadness and people hurting people. ::sigh:: see?? a song did that!  a song (and singer) portrayed love simply through voice and rhythm. i don’t know about you, but i think that’s pretty amazing.

whatever. too many words, not enough John Legend. click play. go go!

2. Quiero Casarme Contigo — Carlos Vives
videos a tadbit weird /slash/ not as on point as i’d like for a love song buuut just listen..and dance

3. Per te — Josh Groban.
i don’t know if this needs any explanation. i mean you’ve got an amazing voice. italian words. chorus singing about how, for her, he’ll live and that love is gonna win… yeah.

so listen. and swoon. and hug your partner tighter than yesterday…or your dog if you don’t have a partner like me; plus, no one will love you like your dog and they need love too. anyway, click play and swoon away.


there’s others but i think i’ll leave it at 3 for no other reason than it seemed like a good number and i need sleep. more later maybe.

*Mr. Charming, i hope you don’t actually think that simply singing me a song will suffice. just trying to help you out a bit. youknow, give you something to break the ice with. …although serenading me upon first meeting might be slightly creeper-ish if not done properly or if we haven’t established a good foundation. whatever. i shouldn’t have to explain it all. use your best judgment, Mr. Charming…i also like intelligence 🙂


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