jack of all trades, master of…some? …yeah, we’ll go with that.

a list of things i would seriously.no.doubt be amazingly awesome at if i devoted my time to one of these instead of attempting all:

`a photographer (i’ve take ansel-adams-esque photographs since i was jovencita. and by ansel-adams-esque, i just mean landscapes and b&w photos; that’s as far as the comparison goes…but, i do have prints and photographs (cheaply) framed in my room)

`a student (i’ve kinda been doing it for the past…umm…21 years. oh.em.geeeee. too bad i’ve half-assed it most often than not or else i’d be reeeally good at it)

`a personal trainer (except i wouldn’t teach zumba. don’t ask. ..not bc i don’t want to share but bc i don’t know the actual reason. one of those unconscious-no-known-reason-for-the-hate sorta things)

`a sportscaster (i seriously could (*and have) spend all day sitting in the living room, watching football, judging calls, and eating chinese food…that’s what that job entails, right? …don’t ruin my dream)

`a runner (even though i secretly hate it, i secretly hate that i love it more)

`a cyclist (i’ve got the gear part down…and a few bike tour under my belt)

`a yogi (savasana‘s my fave)

`a boxer (i’ve got a bag, speed bag, gloves and a mean right hook…fo’ reals)

`a professor (one semester under my belt. 2 classes coming up. i kinda really like it)

`a film maker (totally check this out –> Latin American Feminism. the words of others are kindareallypretty awesome, i’m proud to say i’m proud of it)

`an interior designer (ignore the fact i’m colorblind, peoplefriends, i still have a good sense of decor)

`a fashion designer (that was my initial dream. okay, i lied; it was one of my dreams. i had notebooks filled with sketches of bell-bottom jeans and crop tops and elegant dresses. yes, it was the 90s. no, i didn’t keep the notebooks…although with the way things come back, i probably should have. dammit.)

`a professional singer (my momma says i sing like an angel. it’s not like she’s biased or anything, right?)

`a professional dancer (i could dance all night if you’d take me. no, really. i can do a little bit of salsa, cumbia, two-step, three-step, line dance, wobble, wop and booty shake my way through the dance floor…until the dougie comes on; there’s no help for me there)

`an instrumentalist/musician/one-woman band (guitar is hanging on my wall. piano is itching to be bought. ‘nuf said)

`a writer…

at the end of the day, while i’d like to focus on one thing, i kinda actually wouldn’t. it’s just not me. one of my many (annoying?) quirks is that i do a million things. this is not because i need things to fill my time. it’s not because i’m indecisive. it’s not because i can’t commit to one thing. no, none of those; it’s simply because i love a million things.

at the end of (another?) day, all of the above is what makes me me so i’m gonna go with it not being a bad thing…just maybe a little exhausting at times.

y tu? what are the million things you love?


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