Researchers say that the brain isn’t completely developed until after the age of 25 –- or, that’s the excuse i’m sticking with

It’s true, folks. Science and research and all that good stuff have shown that the brain (typically) isn’t fully developed until 25. *I say typically because I think we all know someone who challenges that notion just a tad and makes you ask the question  “and you’re how old??” more often than not. fun fact: [...]


mistaken silence, dynamic impressions — or it’s been a weird week.

it's been a weird week for me. it started with me standing in front of a congregation last Sunday. correction: it started with me singing in front of the congregation. i did it. slightly nervous. but mostly, enjoying two of my most favoritest things in the world: singing and experiencing my faith. what made it [...]

boy meets girl, makes her his wife…but probably not.

oh, i still dream of simple life boy meets girl, makes her his wife but love don't exist when you live like this that much i know, yes i know all these roads steer me wrong but i still drive them all night long -- bruno mars dating your friends is never a good idea, [...]

i cut my hair for the douchebags (hashtag) superficialworldproblems

truth: i cut my hair for the douchebags. let's explore, shall we? (per usual, this is rhetorical. it's near midnight. and i'm awake so i'm def going to explore. though i shouldn't be. because my eyes feel heavy as i write. but i know as soon as a lay down, the thoughts and restlessness of [...]

más vale sola que mal acompañada when you’re hoping for change.

there's this saying in Spanish, a dicho. dicen: "más vale sola que mal acompañada." translation: better alone than with bad company.   there's another saying. this one in English. it's attributed to Albert Einstein. smart man. must be good advice. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”   and [...]

jack of all trades, master of…some? …yeah, we’ll go with that.

a list of things i would be amazingly awesome at if i devoted my time to one of these instead of attempting all: `a photographer (i've take ansel-adams-esque photographs since i was jovencita. and by ansel-adams-esque, i just mean landscapes and b&w photos; that's as far as the comparison goes...but, i do have prints [...]

“if i can’t have love, i’ll take sunshine”

a strange, wonderful thing happened: i left alone...and i was okay. seems small but it was far from it for me. i think i've mentioned before my tendency to fill emptiness with inebriation and superficial connection, in that order. and, while i've never shied away from honesty nor am ashamed of my sexuality, i'm not [...]