5 tips for Prince Charming to ponder ((while he waits for his sense of direction to improve))

5 tips for Prince Charming to ponder ((while he waits for his sense of direction to improve))

Per my deep reflective conversation with my Mexican mother, I came to the realization that my prince charming is lost. …okay, there was very little reflecting and much more direct state. Take a look:

Mexican mother: ay mi’ja y tú no has tenido suerte. No ha llegado

Clouds: ya se. pero it’s okay. Creo que esta perdido

Mexican mother: tu príncipe azul no tiene gps (laughter ensues by all)

I love the wisdom my Mexican mother imparts on me. For reals.

So I figured that I might as well be productive while I wait given that I’m working on this whole “I’m going to be patient and let things happen as they will because He has a great plan for me but I need to make sure that gets balanced with action on my part since God helps those who help themselves” attitude (aaaand breath) while interfering as little as possible. Translation: actively searching for Prince Charming requires some serious time and effort and slightly goes against above-stated attitude…so basically, ain’t nobody got time for that.

So no, I’m not going to try to actively help P.C. find a map or encourage him to ask for directions (because we both know he won’t) as he traverses the mountains and swamplands of the world to get to me (*no comments please; let me hold on to my self-absorbed assumptions that I’m actually worth fighting for and going to the ends of the earth for). What I will do, out of the kindness of my self-absorbed heart, is share a few things, suggestions if you will, about what he can do to sweep me off my feet once he arrives (even more so than he already will have by said traversing).

Prince Charming, this list is for you so take note:

1. Invite me out for a hike instead of out for a drink.
I’ve noticed that I like a lot when I drink. Buuuut considering I kinda wanna maybe no definitely spend the rest of my life with you, I would like to be sober more often than not. Meaning, I have to like you when I’m sober, without all the fuzz and buzz that glitters life at the moment. And, equally important, so do you. Beer goggles make me pretty and more interesting, so we both gotta make sure those things remain sans etoh. Plustooalso, I love nature and outdoorsyness and being active. So while I may not do a 5k on a first date (or 3rd) or get in a swim suit right away (self-conscious but working on it, remember?), hiking or biking or walking or picnic-ing are safe bets.

2. Ask me about my dissertation
or the conferences after I present or internship. Simply, be interested. Be curious. You don’t have to get everything I do. Or even why I do it. But if you don’t get it, then ask. And I’ll share. Just like I’ll ask you about your interest (which I’m assuming at least include scaling mountains and swamping through swamplands). Complement me on how intelligence is sexy instead of stilettos and bandage dresses (although I’ve got some of those too…just working on a way to fit back into them).

3. Surprise me at Sunday mass while I sing away
then tell me I sing like an angel. Scratch that; only my mama can tell me that, que canto como un angel. Come up with another comparison. Or maybe just tell me I didn’t look weirdly uncomfortable or make funny faces while I sang my heart away. You’d be walking into two huge parts of my life, faith and music. And that’s may-jor sweep-me-off-my-feet points.

4. Surprise me at my favorite coffee shop
mostly, I love coffee shops. Not necessarily for the coffee. (tea’s more my cup of…tea. whatevs, you get the point). But I like what they mean and what they allow. It’s a place for calm and observation and sipping slowly and learning lots. And, if you’re there to share it with me, even if quietly, then it’s simply that much better.

5. just surprise me.
contrary to many, I actually love surprises. Not the “let’s all draw attention to Clouds in the middle of the workday and make a huge scene because you like an audience” kinda of surprise. More the “oh my gosh I wasn’t expecting that or this or anything and I love it” type. Don’t worry, you’ll know the difference.

Let’s just hope he has internet access wherever he is or else this will really be pointless 🙂

But really truly most importantly, I learned that you gotta do something about your dreams, even if, especially if they don’t involve a prince. or princess. or anybody.

basically, do something about your dreams.


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