12 words of wisdom i should’ve probably listened to when i wrote them

12 words of wisdom i should’ve probably listened to when i wrote them

sometimes, when i’m lost for words or inspiration, or just filled with curiosity on the course my life has taken (through my eyes), i reflect back on my words. raw. and present. and honest. i think of how wonderfully i was able to express that thought or feeling or moment. and then i think of the insight attained in during that moment of recording said thoughts/feelings/reflections. and theeeen i think, why the hell don’t i keep that insight with me instead of falling back on the same patterns? hard-headed much? don’t answer that.

anyway, i thought i’d share some of those nuggets of insight that i so promptly ignored. this one will be followed by another in a short bit. not because i’m narcissistic and love reading my own writing or putting it out there as amazingness. but simply for the logistics of it all; i figured you’d get tired of reading around #12 so i’m being considerate here. it really is all for you…and maybe a little for me. (side note: i’m actually in a super amazing place right now that i’ll reflect on soon but i still feel that these words could’ve helped me a lil while back. and maybe you’ll find them helpful for whatever situation you find yourself in. or not. no pressure.)

1. “Daily moments remind me that I am blessed. Daily moments remind me that life is continuing, regardless of how I’m feeling. Daily moments remind me that I am happier than I have ever been in life. Yet, these moments are so easily overshadowed when “life” happens.” from my moment of zen?

2. “Maybe that’s it. Something so simple and human as to feel like you belong. that there is ground beneath you. solid. unmoved. real. Maybe that’s part of this whole happiness thing.” from grounded.

3. “Happiness has been there, is there throughout it all, despite it all. I just need to accept that it is a part of my life, despite the suffering. despite the sadness. despite the anger. despite it all; happiness remains.” from song to self

4. “During my visit, I was reminded of the benefit of memory. Of the beauty in sadness. Of the appropriateness of tears. Of the promise of new memories. Of the fact that we can’t get where we want to be without getting through where we’re going.” in Nostalgia

5. “I am ready to meet amazing individuals…and to be okay when they have to leave, if circumstance deems it necessary. I think this can be freeing in the sense that I believe acceptance of things outside oneself is such a great (and challenging) feature of happiness. I think we should all be open to this, to open that door to interactions that may be wonderful, inspiring, simple, complicated, life-changing..” from entra en mi vida

6. “People will recount their experiences as they experienced it, tainted by whatever pain another caused. Sadly, this is where generalizations come from. People take what is given by one, search for different in another, and end up seeing the same in all. This is where the error is. I think we forget about the uniqueness and individuality of the human being. Yes, we all have similar tendencies, evolutionary instincts that have allowed us to get where we are; human nature has a funny way of allowing for this. But we are still individuals. Emotions, thought-processes, actions, reactions — though they hold the potential to follow the expected, individuality also permits for unique outcomes. We can’t forget this. I guess my ‘knight-in-shining-armor’ idea still holds a chance..” from Do it like a dude

7. “This time, I’m trying the “right” way, whatever that means; eating healthy (which seriously annoys me), exercising (which I looove but hate if it’s for the wrong reasons…like maintaining physical appearance…so, I hate), not indulging (which, again, is splinter-in-your-finger-nails-on-a-chalkboard-annoying)….I’m over it. I want to be content with me. I see on the daily people who seem confident, content with their being, inside and out. I want that. I know I don’t struggle alone. This is an issue for many. Businesses have boomed from this struggle. Individuals have gained millions from this struggle. Many have caused great harm to themselves because of this struggle. My point after all this? I think redefinition is in order….Thinking of “beautiful” brings forward all the aforementioned superficialities…and criticalness that undoubtedly follows. But “biutiful” allows me to redefine it as I want, including in it what I think rather than what I am told to think. so…what’s your biutiful?” from biutiful

8. “I think I’ve always been vulnerable, finding a way to hide behind an idea of strength defined by independence and accepting little help from others. Part of that perhaps has also been letting go when I shouldn’t and holding on when hopeless, counterproductive to self-preservation. I think it’s easier for some to do the above, not having to step foot in a place where susceptibility toward being let down is possible, even probable. It’s easier to let go instead of allowing the potential of defenselessness. The best defense is a good offense, right? Perhaps. But I think strength in self comes out of those times of vulnerability. I think I’m ready to be vulnerable. to let go when it hurts, or when the others’ intentions begin to show. to hold on when that pain seems worth fighting through. We should try something different.” from what if all we had

9. “Growth and change are constants in my life. I am who I want to be and becoming who I want to be simultaneously. working toward better while trying to be better. I’ve learned that this is part of my happy.” from las desobedientes

10. “true “happiness” isn’t void of pain or hurt or disappointment, it’s strengthened by it ” from my Secrets..

11. “I never thought that word could be so literal. While I appreciate it now as the catalyst for the purposeful hiccups, healing struggles, and passionate mistakes that have followed, it was the most painful experience I’ve endured. I guess that gives you a sense of the wonderfully blessed life I’ve been fortunate to live.” from used to feel like heaven..

“3. Steve Harvey has some good advice on acting like a lady, thinking like a man: wait 90 days to give up the cookie.
4. Z-Ro also has some good advice: Ain’t nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind…
5. Learning where you fall/where you want to fall in terms of # 3 & 4 and being okay with that because it’s your decision is quite empowering. It doesn’t mean you’re a prude. It doesn’t mean you’re a whore. It means what you want it to mean.” from 25 on 25


What this list tells me: It tells me something I’ve said before and will say yet again – writing.is.healing.for.me. what heals you?


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