10 reasons I’m awesome

10 reasons I’m awesome

I’m tired of confessing. it started to make me think too much. and question too much. mostly, question myself. So, I’m stopping. Still confessing and reflecting. but again, more privately. Anyways-also-probably, I think 10 is a good number to end on. Sooo I figured some lists of reasons-and-things-and-whatever-i-feel-like-making-lists-about were in order. starting with this one.

In no particular order of awesomeness, here is a list of 10 reasons I’m kinda pretty freakin’ awesome. side note: this isn’t a list to toot my own horn (bee-tea-dubs, that is one of the many idioms I have an issue with /slash/ quite don’t understand…but i’ll save that for another list). Back to this one. So yes, this list is highlighting the very true reasons I’m pretty freakin’ awesome. no worries, another list will soon follow; one that highlights the non-awesomeness that is part of who I am. Gotta balance it out a lil, you know? Can’t have too much awesomeness in one package. That’d just be selfish. But let’s focus on the good stuff first 😉

  1. I do awesome shit like skydive and bungee jump and zip line and mud run and bike tour and climb pyramids. for reals.
  2. I speak Spanish. I think it’s the little things like this that make me awesome.
  3. I travel around the world whenever I can (…or at least North America/the U.S/Texas/San Antonio); whether it’s 30 minutes away or 30 hours, I absolutely love and take in the experience. fully. openly. honestly. i don’t need a 5-star resort or first-class flight. simply a road that leads somewhere…or nowhere. i’m not picky.
  4. I can rap the hell out of a Nelly song. seriously. no, like, really really. and some of Eminem’s classics. it’s pretty awesome. one of those “you have to be there” sorta things.
  5. I’m a 20-five-year-old Latina who is   l            l  <– this close to being Dr. Clouds. I think that’s pretty effin’ awesome
  6. I can two-step, salsa, c-walk, boot-scootin’-boogie, cumbia, and wobble at the drop of a hat. ..just don’t try to teach me how to dougie; experience has taught me that that’s one dance I don’t look good doing. I’m good at learning anything else…especially if the teacher knows what’s up 😉
  7. I can rock a ‘fro like no one’s business. for fakes and for reals. (i only have a pic of the for-fakes so you’ll have to take my word on the for-reals one. but seriously, i can hold the natural ‘fro down…or up..or whatever)
  8. I make aaaa-mazing cheesecake. And mole. And enchiladas. And stuffed chicken. basically, i am a woman who knows her way around the kitchen buuut isn’t limited to one. just sayin’
  9. I do hot yoga. ‘nuf said.
  10. I am always, constantly trying to be a better version of me, for you. And always will.

What this list tells me: I’m awesome. And so are you.
Whether it’s the more superficial stuff (like travel or adventure or secretly moonlighting as a rap artist), or the deeper this-is-what-life’s-all-about stuff, we all have our things, our list of qualities that make us amazing and kinda-pretty-effing awesome beings. So, what’s on your list?


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